Explore and discover how to use coconut oil in all kinds of delicious ways.

Substitute Coconut Oil for Butter



When baking, you can substitute Coconut Oil for butter or margarine 1:1. When substituting for shortening, use ¾-part Coconut Oil for 1-part shortening.

Discover delicious dishes and baked goods using LouAna Coconut Oil by exploring the Recipes section. Try a dairy-free Coconut Walnut Banana Bread with this recipe or whip up some classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Get a quick tutorial on making pie crust with Coconut Oil by watching this video.

To find out where to buy LouAna Coconut Oil, use the Product Locator.



  • Lynn pauly on 12.23.15

    I also wish to know the country of origin. Please and thank you.

  • Sharon Lynn on 08.21.15

    Thanks for all the great ideas. My doctor said I should take in 3 T of coconut oil every day for memory improvement. Check the research.

  • Linda Schaffer on 05.21.15

    Where is the country of origin of the coconuts used to make LouAna Coconut oil and where is it produced and packaged. Don’t labeling laws required this information? Thank you

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