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Coconut Oil Shelf Life



Coconut Oil shelf life is approximately 24 months if you’re using refined Coconut Oil, which makes it an economical choice to keep handy in your pantry or by your stove. Just one more reason it’s one of the best oils for cooking. To find out where to buy LouAna Coconut Oil, use the Product Locator.

Explore the Recipes section of this site to get inspiration for incorporating LouAna Coconut Oil in your daily kitchen routine. From appetizers to desserts, you’ll be amazed at the variety of deliciousness you can create with LouAna.



  • LouAna on 08.02.21

    Hello. It’s oil.

  • Anonymous on 07.08.21

    Is it suppose to be oil or like shortning?

  • LouAna on 06.23.21

    Hi Susan. The code date is a “best by date” for best quality as food use. After this date, the product my start to develop off flavors. For other uses than food, which utilize the fatty acid distribution such as for topical application, the product should still be okay to use.

  • Susan on 06.12.21

    My jar of Louana Coconut oil says best by February 8th 2021,is it still good to use as a skin conditioner?? How long after this date is it good for?

  • LouAna on 06.09.20

    Hi Eric. During hot summer months, coconut oil will remain liquid if stored at 78 degrees F or higher. There is no need to refrigerate LouAna Coconut Oil, unless you prefer it to be in its solid form.

  • Eric on 06.09.20

    Should I refrigerate the coconut oil after opening?

  • LouAna on 02.10.20

    Hi Joe. We do not recommend consuming any product that looks, smells, and/or tastes unusual, or if it is past the “Best By / Sell By, or Best if Used By” date on the packaging.

  • Joe M on 02.10.20

    Hi the oil isn’t clear it was stored in my basement and has little white particles?

  • LouAna on 03.24.16

    Hi Ellen,

    If it hasn’t been opened and it hasn’t been longer than 2 years, feel free to use it! Cheers!

  • Ellen Wilson on 02.27.16

    best by: 01/21/2016….is it still good (today is 2/27/16)

  • Toni Wickhart on 02.11.16

    yes, asked a question now where is the answer?

  • Toni Wickhart on 02.11.16

    where to find an answer? it’s a vicious circle. This space is only for questions that will never be answered, because I don’t see answers after questions. good bye.

  • Toni Wickhart on 02.11.16

    I have a question below, about expiration date 8/17/15 won’t eat old stuff but what else can i use it for? Well, where do I find the answer? I don’t see any other questions being answered here. How will i get an answer even for this question on where to find an answer? it’s a vicious circle. This space is only for questions that will never be answered, because I don’t see answers after questions. good bye.

  • Toni Wickhart on 02.11.16

    I have a jar of louAna coconut oil. Best by 8/17/15 what can i use it for at this late date? I don’t think i could use it to eat, but other uses like body cream, face, hair?

  • Ann on 07.31.15

    How is the LouAna Pure Coconut Oil refined?

  • Brittany on 07.15.15

    Elaine, if you haven’t searched for it yet or found anything else online about coconut oil, you can use it for many things!! I’m actually conducting an experiment on the effects of coconut oil on cold sores and types of Staphylococcus. I know that it can be used to treat a multitude of bacterial infections. Other than its many medicinal uses, coconut oil can be used in your beauty regimen as a deep hair conditioner, Eye make up remover, cuticle oil, facial moisturizer (VERY LIGHT APPLICATION), as well as many other uses. I was told that it fights bacteria so well because it enters the bacterial cell walls and eliminates the nasty. Also, i read that it kills free radicals!!! All of this info is based on 100% pure non-hydrogenated mature and virgin coconut oils.
    The FDA will not back up this information. If anything, they will tell you to not try it and to stick with the medicines you know. But we all know that the FDA is NOT the be-all-end-all of the medicinal world. They only reccommend the things they get their money from.

  • Elaine on 04.21.15

    Not getting the answer I need, Thanks anyway.

  • Elaine on 04.21.15

    What can it be used for beside cooking, it is a full jar and don’t want to throw it away.

  • Elaine on 04.21.15

    There is no date on the jar of oil I have,

  • patricaa51@gmail.com on 04.10.15

    Dear luana company,I am writing you in regards to purchasing your 100% Organic coconut oil and after researching have found out that it is refined.I am very disappointed that this was not stated on your jar.and it is also packaged in a plastic jar which should have been a light bulb for me but I trusted your company’s integrity.

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