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Storing Coconut Oil



Storing Coconut Oil is easy. Coconut Oil melts on its own at about 76°F. It’s OK for the oil to go back and forth from liquid to solid many times over the life of a jar. There’s no need to refrigerate Coconut Oil if it’s refined, like LouAna 100% Pure Coconut Oil. Use our Product Locator to find out where to buy it.

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  • LouAna on 07.31.23

    Hi Linda. Coconut oil does freeze well. You shouldn’t notice too much difference in texture by the time it has melted and the taste won’t change at all! The only thing to be careful of is that your coconut oil is kept airtight in the freezer because this is what will protect it from getting that freezer burn taste.

  • linda cecil on 07.28.23

    can coconut oil be frozen without hurting or changing it

  • LouAna on 07.01.20

    Hi Jane. It’s perfectly ok to use! At temperatures above 76 degrees F (24 C), coconut oil is a liquid. At temperatures below this, it becomes a solid.

  • Jane on 07.01.20

    I just opened a jar and for the first time, it was a liquid. Is it still ok to use?

  • LouAna on 06.01.20

    Hi Terry. It’s not ruined, it just needs to thaw out fully in order to use!

  • Terry Cregan-Leidigh on 05.31.20

    If you have already put it in the refrigerator is it ruined?

  • LouAna on 05.16.19

    Storing near the oven/stove will not hasten spoilage, though it may ensure more ease of use during colder months.

  • LouAna on 05.16.19

    Hi Costa, our coconut oil is meant to be stored in the packaging it comes in at room temperature. (cont’d)

  • Costa on 11.17.18

    I have heard to store coconut oil in dark containers to limit exposure to light, I have also heard that this is a wives tale. Is this a concern? Does it refer to only sunlight or all light including artificial indoor light?

    Also is there a temperature range for storage? Can storing near the oven/stove hasten spoilage?

  • Ronnie Talbert on 12.25.15

    I have heard from a good friend that coconut oil is good for the brain. He was saying to mix coconut oil with organic butter , a table spoon each in coffee. Is this right ?
    If so which one should I get?
    Thanks RT My email is Hisservant7478@gmail.com

  • Rosie on 05.30.15

    I hear where coconut oil is a good moisturizer . Can this be used for that or do I need to get some from a cosmetic counter?

  • Nancy on 03.24.15

    Is your coconut oil partially hydrogenated?

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