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Deep Fry a Turkey



  • LouAna on 11.22.19

    Hi Marie.the shelf life of LouAna Peanut Oil is 18 months if unopened, 6-9 months once opened. You may deep-fry with peanut oil, and can usually reuse it 3-4 times. Allow the oil to cool, at least to 150°F, before straining it and pouring it back into the HDPE container. As long as it is properly strained and kept in a dark place, properly stored oil will last for several weeks or possibly more.

  • Marie Ramirez on 11.21.19

    I know that the oil can be reused. Last year I fried one 18lb turkey. I saved the oil. Can I use it to get another turkey this year? How long is the oil good to use?

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