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How to Roast Veggies (Peanut Oil)



Toss freshly chopped vegetables with LouAna® Peanut Oil for delicious roasted veggies every time! To find out where to buy LouAna Peanut Oil near you, use our Product Locator.



  • LouAna on 04.29.20

    Hi Neal. We do not sell or provide pumps for our LouAna Peanut Oil containers. However, our LouAna Quality Assurance Manager has investigated, and found that Amazon has an oil pump from Terra Pump for about $30.00 that would be suitable for this application.

    It is called a TRCOOK01 or TRCOOK02. The 02 model pumps a little faster. The pump requires two “D” batteries, and comes with a filter.

    If necessary, you may take the filter off to make it easier to pump. It pumps about 1 gallon per minute, according to the description. It is made for pumping used oil, but if you are simply pumping from our container to another vessel, you could remove the filter and we think it would work fine.

  • Neal on 04.21.20

    Where can I get a dispenser pump for the 3 Gallon Peanut oil bottle that fire the bottle that is in the box?

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