Avocado Oil

Our 120 years of cooking oil know-how have helped us craft a deliciously versatile oil pressed from avocados grown in Mediterranean climates. LouAna® Avocado Oil is golden in color and mildly nutty in flavor.

Coconut Oil

LouAna® Coconut Oil is an easy 1:1 substitute for butter or margarine in your favorite recipes. Plus, it has no coconut aroma or taste to distract from your other ingredients.

Organic Coconut Oil

Certified organic LouAna® Organic Coconut Oil is a great 1:1 substitute for butter or margarine in recipes, plus has no coconut aroma or taste. It’s also perfect for DIY beauty treatments. You might want one jar for the kitchen and one for your beauty kit!

Coconut Oil Spray

Spray unheated grills, griddles, broiler pans, bakeware and gelatin molds with LouAna® Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray for easy clean-up and non-stick serving. Spray poultry before roasting for better browning.

Liquid Coconut Oil

LouAna® Liquid Coconut Oil stays liquid for easy pouring, measuring, sautéing and baking. With no coconut aroma or taste, it’s a perfect substitute for margarine or other cooking oils in recipes.

Canola Oil

LouAna® Canola Oil contains only one gram of saturated fat per serving, plus has a neutral flavor that won’t alter the taste of your favorite recipes.