Turkey Frying Steps

Once the turkey has been prepared and marinated and the oil reaches 400°F, it is time to place the turkey in the pot and fry it.

Step One: Frying The Turkey:

Place the turkey in the basket, breast side down, legs up. Lower the turkey into the hot oil very slowly and carefully while wearing thick gloves or oven mitts. The oil will froth and bubble as the turkey goes into the oil. Be careful the oil doesn't spill over.

While frying, keep the oil temperature at 350°F. Allow the turkey to cook four minutes per pound (48 minutes for a 12-pound turkey). The key to having a non-greasy turkey is to maintain 350 degrees F. It is better to keep the temperature a little over 350 degrees F than under.

Step Two: Removing The Turkey:

After the turkey has fried for the allotted time, shut off the gas to the fryer, or turn off the electricity. Using the oven mitts, lift the fryer basket from the oil. Allow the oil to drain from the bird while holding the basket over the pot.

Step Three: Insert Meat Thermometer:

Move the basket quickly to a nearby area that has been lined with paper bags or a pan catch in order to avoid dripping oil. Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast and thigh. It should register at least 180°F. You can return the turkey to the fryer if necessary, and cook for an additional five minutes to bring it up to the required temperature.

Step Four:

Wrap the fried turkey in aluminum foil and let stand for about twenty minutes before carving.

Carry-over cooking will finish cooking the turkey outside the oil, bringing it up to the proper temperature and allowing the juices to circulate back through the meat.

Step Five:

Allow the oil to cool completely before moving the cooking pot or attempting to strain or store the oil.

Step Six:

Carve, serve, and enjoy the juiciest turkey ever!

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