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LouAna® is the leading processor of peanut oil in the nation. Peanut oil is the preferred oil for deep-frying turkeys by most cooks due to its high smoke point and great flavor.

Deep-frying turkeys has become the fastest growing culinary trend in the country over the past few years. It's a great tasting way to enjoy the wholesome goodness of turkey, and it's anything but greasy! The deep-frying process seals the outside, producing crispy skin while the turkey inside remains incredibly juicy.

We have provided a great deal of useful information on this website covering all aspects of turkey frying, including many important safety tips. We hope that you'll enjoy the benefits of turkey frying all year round - it's the best way to prepare a delicious, moist, juicy turkey that your family and guests will really love. Enjoy!

The LouAna® brand was created by Cajun settlers in Louisiana over a century ago. The brand's Cajun heritage is alive and well.

LouAna® Brand Heritage

LouAna® Foods is a cooking oil processing company that started over a hundred years ago in Opelousas, Louisiana by Cajun settlers. Throughout the past century, the company has evolved and modernized its refinery and packaging facility. Today LouAna® is the nation's largest independent cooking oil refinery.

LouAna®'s core market is in the products native to the South - peanuts and soybeans. Throughout its history, the company has developed and maintained important alliances with the agricultural community of the region. Current operations include refining a wide range of source oils, including canola, cottonseed, sunflower, soybean, and of course, peanut oil.

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